100% organic wool / 100% respect

Style up Style Up is committed to promote a green attitude.
Collaborating with a specialized company, Style Up recycles every textile waste produced during production processes.

From such waste, it will come new regenerated yarns and fabrics.

As well, our research and development team is always committed to raise awareness of our customers towards more eco-friendly choices: opting first choice materials that are the result of recycling and regeneration processes or that have undergone a “zero impact” manufacturing process.


Even our washes have become green thanks to the integrated washing system. It allows us to wash without chemicals, silicones and additives. Furthermore, the colonies of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria inserted in the biological filter guarantee purification of the washing water, allowing us to reuse it endlessly, saving 96% of a precious resource.

In fact, bacteria feed on processing waste such as animal and vegetable fibres, paraffins, processing oils and synthetic micro-plastics, which often cannot be intercepted with normal filters and which are the main pollutant of our seas.