Since 1964, Style Up has been a visionary, creative and sharing environment that connects offices, modelling, prototypes, manufacturing departments and showroom in one unique place. A place where people get inspired and are motivated to give their best.

What do we do?

— We face challenges on daily basis but our work is to look for the most challenging adventure: be up to luxury brands expectations, at national and international level.

— We mix the handcraft tradition to the passion and expertise of our and your team. This perfect fusion gives us the possibility to build solid and long lasting relationships with our clients.

— Just give as a “clue”, a stylistic direction, we will do the rest: from the product research to the product ready to be commercialized.

— We take care of the entire manufacturing process: selection of fabrics and accessories, seasonal colour cards, dyeing and washing techniques, printing and embroidery, model bases and modelling management, prototyping, sample series.

— We do enhance and maintain the identity and style of the brand, adding our verve and energy.